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javascript time-frame


I am thinking of using the Google Chart Tools - Organizational Chart ( to create an organizational chart using client side javascript. I would also like
to add the option of creating a PDF.

I understand that there is no support at present for javascript in Prince. But I gather you are working on implementing a javascript engine in the future (

What is the time-frame for this? Is is likely to be added soon or is it some way away?

Once implemented, would it allow me to achieve my objective?
Eventually, yes. But not overnight. A good short-term workaround would be to convert the chart to an image, but perhaps there are no existing tools for this?
I am using google charts in my PDF, which is a report generated inside a Ruby on Rails application. The only thing I have to do to get it working is use the url options inside an img tag. Like his:

<img src="|0%|5%|10%|15%|20%|25%|30%|35%|40%|1:|Intelect|Sociaal|Prestatie|Structuur|Ambitie|Verbondenheid|&chxt=x,y&chs=500x200&cht=bhs&chco=326BFF&chd=t:7,25,35,20,7,5" width="500" height="200" alt="" />

(Hope this doesn't render an image inside this post...)

This is from a mock-up however, so you would have to generate strings to make the various elements dynamic. I have a RoR example if needed. Maybe this isn't even what you're talking about, who knows :)

One thing I've been searching for is how to get the PDF to render images with a sharper resolution, since I'm getting some very blurred results :(