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SVG viewBox Directive Ignored in HTML mode

Using the follow code:
<svg viewBox="0 0 250 150" 
        width="10cm" height="6cm">
 <g fill="none" stroke="gray" stroke-width="20">
  <rect x="50" y="50" width="400" height="200" 
        rx="80" ry="50"/>

If I run
prince --input xml rect.html

I get the correct output, which is just the upper left 25% of the rectangle.

However, if I run:
prince --input html rect.html

I get the entire rectangle instead of just the corner - it seems to ignore the viewBox height/width.

In general, using html mode work with svg just fine (even though it outputs warnings about "tag svg invalid" etc...). I need to use html mode because it is a lot more forgiving about the input (as opposed to xml mode which fails with any errors in the input - and my input is often quite dirty).

Any suggestions, or a workaround?
This is due to an unfortunate side-effect of the current HTML parser, where all attribute names are lowercased. This works well for HTML attributes, which often come in a variety of spellings out on the web (eg. bgcolor, BGCOLOR, bgColor, are all normalised to "bgcolor") but causes problems for case-sensitive XML vocabularies like SVG. For now, the only solution is to use XML, or move the SVG content to an external file and link to it with <img> or <object>.
Hmm, that is unfortunate. Any chance that this will work correctly in the next version of Prince?
We are not changing the HTML parser in the next release, but I can think of a JavaScript hack that might do the job. So there is still hope for inline SVG in HTML documents. :)
Can you give some hints as to what that js hack might be? Is it going to be dependent on princexml having js support?

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Yes: find the "viewbox" attribute and rename it "viewBox", undoing the case normalisation performed by the parser. :)