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PDF Watermark

I would like to see the ability to add a custom watermark to PDFs which do not show up when printed, only when viewed digitally - similar to the way in which the Prince logo appears in the trial version.

I am currently using a work around as suggested here: but this unfortunately means that this watermark is visible on the printed documents themselves.

This would really help me out! :D

The watermark would only need to be a string, although the ability to use an image would also be awesome. And being able to adjust the opacity of the watermark would also be a big bonus.
Noted, we will take a look at this.
me too ... but not high priority.

Jim Albright
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Excellent, thank you guys. Not a huge priority, but one which one of our customers is keen to see implemented. Thanks for your continued support.
They have had this on their todo list for a while now, so be patient. For the time being, you can add PDF annotations in post-processing pretty easily if it's something simple like a watermark added on each page. For example, I posted a while back in the samples forum how you could alter the link annotations to have a screen-only outline. You could add a similar similar set-up to your makefile/ant job/however you run Prince to add watermarks.
I cast resurrection! Has this feature been considered recently, @mikeday?

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Yes, it's something we still want to do. It's mostly a matter of coming up with new CSS properties or JavaScript APIs to enable it.