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hyphenation customizations


I have looked for documentation on how to customize my hyphenation dictionary, and I haven't found anything.

Here's what I've been doing: I've copied the hyphenation dictionary called "hyph-en-us.pat" into the folder with my content and pointed to this file in the CSS with the "prince-hyphenation-patterns" property. When I find something I want to customize, I go into the hyph-en-us.pat file and add a pattern. Given how complex this pattern document is, though, I'm always worried about fouling up other patterns by adding/removing. Is this the best way to customize my hyphenation patterns or is there a better way? I've found very little instruction on how to properly edit this document (just enough to think I know what I'm doing). Any suggestions?

I do like keeping the pattern dictionary with the content because it is all SVN-controlled, but if there is a better way to add custom hyphenation patterns, I'd love to hear about it.


This is probably the best way for the time being, yes. Customising your own hyphenation dictionary is still a bit of a black art. We may be able to simplify this with some kind of JavaScript API in the future, we'll see.