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Floating box a two-column layout (part II)

See attached screenshot.

The page has a two column layout and an "author box" on the left that should appear
on the first page of the document aligned with headline of the first chapter (as seen).

Unfortunately in this example the "author box" is splitted into two parts and the second
part is floated into the right column.

Is it possible to let the "author box" float completely to the top of the next page?

float: top-next did not help here since top-next seems to related to the top
of the next column.

Tested with PrinceXML 8.

Any options?
  1. screenshot 2011-12-19 um 19.49.31.png230.0 kB
Update: using float: top-next works but the it leaves a huge gap (see second screenshot).
  1. screenshot 2011-12-19 um 20.03.34.png126.0 kB
I think this will require some manual intervention in the markup. Using "float: top-next" creates a page float at the top of the following page, however as you noticed this is typically for full-width figures and such.