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8.0 crashes on Mac OS X 10.7.3

While running PrinceXML from the command line with a simple hello-world.html, it crashes. A logfile is created, but it's empty. All I got is the MacOS Console:

I remember using 7.x with 10.7.2 and earlier successfully on the same Mac. As 7.x crashed, I updated to 8.0 today, but the problem persists. Same document can be converted with PrinceXML 8.0 running unter Windows 7 in a virtual machine.


Thanks for the detailed crash log, that's very helpful. I've made a new Prince binary with added debugging information, available here: Would you be able to copy this over /usr/local/lib/prince/bin/prince, or wherever else you have installed Prince, and then run it to produce the crash? It should print output to the terminal like this:
buf='Bold Italic'

And the output before it crashes should hopefully tell us exactly what is going wrong.