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Ignoring of <nav> attributes in error throws

I am using an HTML5 document with <nav> tags This document is also being used as the source for an EPUB document. I am therefore using the <nav> tag's epub:type attribute to conform with the upcoming EPUB3 specification.

so <nav epub:type="toc">nav stuff here...</nav>

Currently, when building with PrinceXML 8, when I try to convert this HTML document with prince, I get the following error:

prince: builds/html/book.html:34: error: Namespace prefix epub for type on nav is not defined

Is there any way that you can allow these types of attributes for the prince build, or perhaps create a flag to ignore attributes in standard HTML5 tags?

Thanks for the great work!
Is the document well-formed XHTML? If it is, then I would recommend using the XML parser, with "-i xml", or by renaming the file to have .xhtml or .xml extension.
Anas R.
Isn't supposed to support all the valid HTML5 tags?!
Actually when I try to print an HTML5 with PHP extension, I get the following errors:
Tag header invalid
Tag figure invalid
Tag figcaption invalid

Seems like doesn't recognize any new HTML5 tags!

Our current HTML parser doesn't recognise HTML5 tags, so it issues warnings, but it still parses them and they should still work. The next version of Prince will have a new HTML5 parser that does not issue warnings for these tags.