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Prince alpha 2006-10-31 released

Today we have released a new alpha version of Prince, demonstrating some features that will be available in future releases.

The alpha version is available for download here:

Prince alpha 2006-10-31

It includes first ever support for hyphenation, rounded borders, HTTP, multiple documents, improved MathML support, and much more! :D

Sounds great. I was waiting for border-radius. Thanks :)
I've created a demo document to show some of the new features in the Prince6 alpha. Note that the features are experimental and that the syntax might change.


I installed the alpha 6 and would like to comment that the hyphenation feature is very nice. The rounded border feature works well too.
I processed a document that I had used Prince 5.1 to generate.
It includes .jpg images.
The first time I used alpha 6 for this document, the images did not show.
I changed to paths from relative paths to full paths and that did the trick.
I then noticed that the document's table of contents and index pages showed "0" for all links and that the cursor onmouseover on the links showed a square with a "w" indicating an external link though the link is a relative fragment. What should I do to get the page numbers to generate for the TOC and index as they were with Prince 5.1?
The link issue sounds like a bug in the alpha. Would you be able to paste an example of your links (eg. <a href="#chapter1">Chapter 1</a>) and the CSS that you are using to generate cross-references?
Could you repost that and click "Disable HTML in this post"? The forum seems to have eaten the attributes in your example. :)
Sorry, I was unfamiliar with the way to post code here.
The CSS:
/*TOC page*/
ul.contents a::after {
                 content: leader('.') target-counter(attr(href), page); 

<ul class="contents">
  <li><a href="#INTRODUCTION">Introduction</a></li>       

<div id="INTRODUCTION" class="chapter">

Aside from no page number generation, on further inspection I find that
no internal links will activate. They seem to be interpreted as full http links
and upon clicking they bring up a "The page cannot be displayed" web page.
Strange, that should work fine. Are you running on Linux, MacOS X or Windows? Is the document HTML or XHTML?
I'm using Windows XP.

Here's the XML declaration:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

<html xmlns="">