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PHP Module Enhancement


I would like to request a convert function for the prince.php library module, which takes the following arguments:

convertsomenumber($XmlString, $PdfPath)

Converts the HTML or XML string stored in $XMLString into a PDF filed stored in $PDFPath

Thanks, and I'd like to say this program is awesome.
We've updated the PHP module and added a new conversion function:
// Convert an XML or HTML string to a PDF file.
// xmlString: A string containing an XML or HTML document.
// pdfPath: The filename of the output PDF file.
// msgs: An optional array in which to return error and warning messages.
// Returns true if a PDF file was generated successfully.
function convert_string_to_file($xmlString, $pdfPath, &$msgs = array())

The other conversion functions have been renamed to be more intelligible, but the convert1/2/3 names are still there for backwards compatibility.