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is Prince supported on .Net?

I am interested in knowing whether Prince is supported on .Net platform also. I am particularly interested in knowing how can I use it in ASP.Net and C#.
Hi Areef,

Prince has an ActiveX/COM interface that you can use to call Prince from an ASP.NET page or from a C# program.

For further information, please see:

* the documentation for Calling Prince from ASP,

* a handy O'Reilly article on Accessing COM objects from ASP.NET

Please let us know how it goes :D

Best regards,

Is there an .NET version coming soon? Would this just be a wrapper around the prince.exe file? It would be nice to have a native .NET dll to do this since ActiveX/COM doesn't have the strong typing that C# basically have to make everything into objects to work with ActiveX/COM.

Plus, if you distributed the XML file generated by comments, there would be documentation right there in Visual Studio to use it.

Maybe I'm just paranoid...I've had a lot of bad experiences working with COM objects in ASP.NET...

- Orion
We are working on a .NET interface for Prince that will be similar in scope to the existing Java and ActiveX/COM interfaces. It should be ready within a few weeks.
In fact, we have an initial release of the Prince .Net interface ready today; see the announcement.
It uses the Stream Class that is abstract as of Visual Studio 2005 (Dot Net 2.0)