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It would be great if, by using the HTML form controls (INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT etc.) we could generate PDF forms that could be filled in by end-users.

I support this feature request. It would be great!
It would be great, and it's on the roadmap, but it might take a little while to get there. :)
abitgone wrote:

It would be great if, by using the HTML form controls (INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT etc.) we could generate PDF forms that could be filled in by end-users.


Count me in on this one too - it's another thing I find amazing that InDesign (still, amazingly) can't do, and it would be that much cooler if Prince did.
This feature would be really awesome to have.

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Looks like this suggestion is fairly dated. Is there yet a development priority or schedule for this feature?

I don't need so much for a mapping of HTML input fields, but some way to create editable PDF fields.
Hello PrinceXML team,

How far into the roadmap is this feature?
It would be great if at least input textfields were supported as a first pass. :)

We definitely want to do this, but there are many other things on the roadmap that we need to get through first. We'll get there as soon as we can; possibly sooner, if we can clone our developers. :)
I work for a large company and have just been asked to find a product so we can export documents (built on the fly according to user input) as editable PDFs. As we operate in several countries, from separate hosting, we'll need several server licences for starters.

That should help you clone a developer!

Our requirement is just for input fields in the first instance (second would be textfield, then radio/check boxes - nothing fancy, as the PDF has to be printable.

We've hunted around for a PDF solution, with high quality output - this seems to be it. We just need editable fields...
Hello.....Just wondering if this was developed - can't see it on the roadmap, or the docs?

Not yet, it's still on the roadmap. But we need to add support for tagged PDF first.
We are waiting for this feature also..
We need this feature as well - so pleeeease - move it to the next release if possible!
NB: First request if from Aug 1st 2008!

Prince XML is cool - and I really want to avoid beeing urged to add FormFields in another pass using another tool!
We will get there, honestly. :D
+1 Mike, we really need HTML/PDF forms as well.

Is there an ETA when dev will begin?
Currently we are committed to delivering JavaScript DOM functionality needed for charting libraries, so it will have to wait a while. It might help if you could email me ( more details on your requirements; there is a lot of variation when it comes to PDF forms, and no clear specification for us to work towards.
Hi Mike and PrinceXML Team, Is it possible to generate editable PDF from Prince XML especially survey forms ? Some of our end users need this feature . Also would Adobe Reader support editing or do we need to have the entire Acrobat suite to Edit ? If Prince XML PDF can be opened in Adobe Suite as it to make it editable , that would also be a interesting choice to explore . Can you please let us know ?

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Prince currently does not do anything special to make editable PDF files, eg. it does not embed PDF form controls or other dynamic content.
Is there any idea of a date on when it would be available/started developing/put on priority? This idea seems to rot in the roadmap for 8 years now, and I see I am not the only one interested in it :)

Difficult to say, as there are so many other feature requests. Maybe we need some kind of tournament to judge the most worthy. :)
Well, I've only been waiting for 8 years…

Just wondering how difficult it would be to make the HTML input elements analogous to their PDF counterparts. That's pretty much what we're all asking for.
@abitgone you are pretty consistent person. Other people already switched jobs, several times, moved to something else, where they don't need Forms in PDF :)
We have been working on Prince for 13 years, imagine how impatient we feel! :D
Regardless of the jobs I've had, whenever I'm in need of a good PDF generator, I always reach for Prince.
We appreciate that! Hopefully we can add more features in the future.
We just purchased Prince PDF in 2015 and we would really like to have this feature as well. Any idea on date?
At the moment we are fully occupied with various features scheduled for release in Prince 11 later this year, so we will not be able to support PDF forms in the near future.