Håkon Wium Lie

Håkon Wium Lie

I'm the chairman of of YesLogic, the company that makes the Prince formatter. Prince is a fantastic product for creating PDF documents. Most of the documents this world should reside on the web and never end up in a PDF file. However, sometimes you want to fixate information (e.g., for printing or archiving) and in these cases you want a flexible tool for generating PDF using web standards. The latest edition of a book I co-authored on CSS is typeset using Prince. I'm also the CTO of Opera. I've authored many of the sample documents and sample applications that are showcased on the Prince site, and I'm also contributing to the printingcss site. One of my long-term goals on the web is to help improve Wikipedia's markup to the point where it can be comfortably printed. I've published some notes on how to make this happen.