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.NET and x64 version?

Is there going to be a native .NET interface anytime? The COM interface would work alright, but COM interop in .NET is considered to be quite nasty, afaik.

Also, while we're on the subject, how's a x64 version coming? If you're gonna build a native .NET interface, it must also work on the x64 framework, right? Apart from that, an x64 version would simply benefit because it has the potential to be faster.
We may produce a .NET interface for Prince in the future in the form of a wrapper class for the underlying executable, similar to the way that the COM interface works today, if this will make it easier to integrate Prince into .NET programs.

We are unlikely to produce an x64 version of Prince in the near future however; isn't it still possible to run the existing Prince on x64 under emulation?