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Page Numbering

I currently have some xml which begins with a tag that signifies a coversheet for the textbook. It is found right inside the root node. So the basic format looks like this:

<coversheet>Some information here</coversheet> of the xml...

The coversheet node is its own page. The problem is, I am using @page attributes to place numbers on my pages. I *do not* want numbers on this first coversheet page. However, if I make a new page definition like this:

coversheet {

The the coversheet will begin on the *second* page (the first page will be blank, because, as Prince sees a new page definition, it automatically does a page break, as expected).
Is there any way to not display the page number on the first page, without creating the extra blank page at the first?
Hi Ben,

If there is no content before the coversheet element, it will not begin on the second page, even if it gives a new page definition. I just tested your sample with Prince 5.1 and it worked fine. Which version are you using?

By the way, you can always use the :first page selector like this:
@page:first { 
    @top { content: none }