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CSS for a Report

Hi. I'm interested in using Prince to produce high quality reports in PDF. A dozen pages or so, sections, subsections, figures, bullets - think for reports from a consultancy.

Does anyone have any CSS that would be a good match for this?
Find a report that you like the design of and copy that idea.

Or hire a graphic designer to create good looking output for you.

Learn how to use CSS to create the desired look. See the samples under "Samples" -- great starting place to tweak a little bit and see what happens. I like to change the background color of the item I am trying to change. That way I know that I really am working on changing what I want to change. After I get it working right then I put the background back to standard color.

There just happen to be some great books written on the subject of CSS and lots of on-line info.

Jim Albright
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Thank you.