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Fruitfinder CGI


I am a novice trying to get to grips with PRINCE.

I have been studying the source code for the fruitfinder application and if possible, I would like to study the CGI also.

Is it available for download?

Many Thanks!
It occurred to me there may be security liabilites making active CGI scripts available to the public.

If this is the case, could somebody please suggest sources where I can learn the CGI myself such as that of the Fruitfinder application?

Much appreciated. :)
On our Perl documentation page we have the source code for the Campaign Letter Generator available for download.

There are hundreds of resources for learning CGI programming on the web, just google for "learning perl cgi" :D
Superb. :)

Exactly what I was after.

Thanks a lot Mike!!!

I uploaded the campaign letter application and asked my host to install Prince just to test it.

But it isn't working. :(

Can anybody suggest a reason why?

Thanks very much!