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Tables: make merged (rowspan) cells repeat on the next page

If you have a table cell that spans many rows using the rowspan attribute, and the page breaks, on the next page that column is empty. If the table is really long, you might have to look back several pages to see what that column contains.

Is there a tag or attribute or property in CSS or in PrinceXML that can make it repeat the contents of a cell after each page break?

I tried the "scope" and "header" attributes, but they don't do anything. I would need this on any cell, not just the row header anyway.

At the moment only thead, tfoot, and caption elements will repeat on each page of a table. However, combining thead with rowspan may produce very strange behaviour.
Thanks for your reply, Mike. We are already using rowspans inside <thead> in multi-page tables and they work fine for us.

Do you think repeating cell contents on the next page is something that could be done in PrinceXML with a custom property or javascript? I'm thinking it could work like the prince-caption-page property, which we are using and it works great.

Or is it a property that we should wait to appear in the CSS spec?
At the moment we don't have a property for it, so it may need to wait until a future release, when we can consider generalising the caption-page mechanism.
I need this.
Is there any way at the moment?
No not yet.
I was wondering if anything has been updated in the latest releases for this situation. I have a pdf generated that has large rowspans where I would like the first column image and the second column info to show up when it is split between 2 or more pages. Attached are images of the situation. First image is the bottom of the first page, then the second image shows the next page with the first 2 columns blank.

Maybe a page-break:repeat-content setting...?
  1. Screenshot 2.png10.4 kB
    Here are the blank columns on next page
  2. screenshot 1.png13.4 kB
    this is the bottom of the first page