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PDF meta data and HTML5

Is there any movement on supporting adding PDF meta data from HTML5 meta tags? I noticed on the documentation page it mentions this is possible with XHTML, but everything we do now is HTML5.

We use another product to produce PDF417 barcodes on our HTML5 pages - and then Prince renders barcoded-PDFs from that. What we'd like to do is embed the barcode's text value in a meta tag in the HTML so that it could then be passed in and become PDF meta data. That would give us the flexibility of forms that could interact with systems that could read the barcode or systems that could only read the PDF meta data.

Exactly what kind of PDF metadata? Currently Prince supports the following metadata fields:
- Title
- Author
- Subject
- Keywords
- Creator
- CreationDate
Oh, awesome - I guess I just misunderstood the doc. I thought it would only work with an xhtml doctype.

We can probably do something with one of those fields you listed - maybe Subject or Keywords or something.

I'll give a shot.

Thanks for the info-