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CSS Flexbox support

Hi !
We are very excited with the possibility of usig Flexbox with Prince, which seems to be a relevant milestone in our aim of producing web/epub + print publications out of the same source XHTML files.
We have installed the latest build of Prince and, in our tests, all felxbox properties seem to work just fine on Prince, but... only in one page.
When the content is longer than one page, Prince doesn't render more than the first page... and the rest of the content overflows.
Not being ourselved very familar with the flex property, we are wondering what could be wrong...
Any ideas?
Thank you!

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Hi pablonolla,

I think there is no support for page breaks 'within' flexbox layouts yet. To quote Mark Brown from the 22.6.2017:

markbrown wrote:
Please also note that we're not planning to support the following in conjunction with flexbox, at least in the initial release:
* page breaking/fragmentation,
* break-before/-after,
* visibility:collapse,
* vertical writing.

Thank you John!

Yes... I understand it's probably very complicated to solve the page-breaks...

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