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target = _blank

None of my links <a href="" target="_blank">abc</a> are opening in a new window...

They open in the same window as the pdf. Do I need to do something special to have the link in the PDF open in a new window?
So you are creating a PDF with Prince, which you are viewing in the browser, and when you click on the link in the PDF you want it to open in a new browser tab? I'm not sure if that's possible, we will investigate.

One other thing on some of the pdf reports I can right click on a link and get an option menu to open in new window. However one of our major pdf reports when I right click it does not offer this option.

Can't post in forum due to aviation data, so emailed to your yeslogic email account a copy of the one that has the right click option working.
Was there ever a solution to this? I'm having the same problem. When a PDF is opened inside a browser, all links navigate to the new page within the same window. So let's say you're looking at a PDF of a bunch of thumbnail images that link to urls with the larger from of the image. When clicking on a thumbnail, you really want that url to open in a new browser window or tab, but it actually navigates away from the current PDF and opens the url in the same window/tab. Using target='_blank' has no apparent effect on the link. I'm wondering if there's any other attributes you can add to the link or any javascript that tells the PDF to open links in a new window/tab.
I have not been able to find any mechanism for doing this in PDF files, and the PDF specification doesn't discuss the situation of the PDF viewer being embedded inside a web browser.
I am wondering if you have fund any solution for this.
PDF has a "new window" mechanism but it only applies to local links to other PDF files, filenames and not URLs. Since PDF was not originally intended to be viewed in a web browser it may be necessary to raise this issue with Adobe.
For a workaround, the web browser you use might support shift- or ctrl-clicking links.

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