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Prince 10 released!

We are excited to announce the release of Prince 10!

This major release includes:
  • Lots of new CSS!
  • SVG text on a path!
  • Parallel HTTP downloads!
  • More JavaScript APIs!
  • Support for PDF/X-3 and X-4!
More details are available in the release notes, or you can download it and try it out.

Thank you once again to all of the people who have tried Prince and given us suggestions and feedback on how we can make it even better! :D
Does the extra JavaScript goodness mean the charting library Highcharts is now supported?

Pulse Energy

I think Highcharts will require some more work, as it needs to interleave layout with scripting. For example, it creates some elements, then checks their dimensions, then adds content to them, and repeats. But Prince runs all the JavaScript before doing layout, and supporting reflow is a big undertaking.

Can you let me know when the Debian (64bit) release will be available please?

Kind regards

Mark Bond
A 64-bit package is now available for Debian 8.0. :)
Congratulations for the excellent Prince 10 release!
Could you please provide again a FreeBSD (x86 and/or amd64) version of Prince 10 as it was available since years with previous versions? (As FreeBSD provides excellent backward compatibility it can be compiled even under an older FreeBSD version if necessary)

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I'm also the author of the Node-Prince module (see which on-the-fly downloads and locally unpacks the correct Prince binaries, too. Internally it maps the CPU-OS identification onto the following URLs (valid for Prince 9.0r5):

"ia32-win32": "",
"x64-win32": "",
"ia32-freebsd": "",
"x64-freebsd": "",
"ia32-linux": "",
"x64-linux": "",
"ia32-sunos": "",
"x64-sunos": "",
"ia32-darwin": "",
"x64-darwin": ""

As Prince 10 provides different binaries, there are now two major problems for Node-Prince:

1. Some platforms (like FreeBSD, see above) are still completely missing. Here I hope you provide the necessary binaries again.

2. For some platforms (like Linux) you now use their platform-specific package formats (DEB, RPM) instead of the neutral tarball format. This no longer allows an easy local installation by Node-Prince (meaning: into a subdirectory without touching the system and without requiring any root privileges at all). Here I hope that you at least provide one statically linked Linux binary in a neutral tarball format again, else it becomes hard to unpack this from within Node.js.

So, would it be possible to at least provide statically linked FreeBSD and Linux binaries in a standard tarball format? This would be great and allows the Node community again to out-of-the-box use Prince. They got used to just run "npm install prince" and then have prince(1) and the JavaScript integration API available. I really would like to provide this for Prince 10, too...
Currently we have no builds available for FreeBSD as parallel downloads are not working on that platform. When we have resolved this issue then we may be able to make packages available. Do you know if many people are using FreeBSD with Node-Prince?

There are now tar.gz packages available for the various Linux distributions on the download page.

We don't have any statically linked binaries. Linux is moving away from static linking, and it has caused problems in the past with domain name resolution and other issues, like timely OpenSSL upgrades, so we would like to avoid static linking if possible.
I've no numbers at hand for FreeBSD users, but beside Linux FreeBSD certainly is one of the major Unix platforms and it has a vibrant community. And I personally know of at least three organizations that use Prince primarily under FreeBSD. So, supporting FreeBSD again IMHO should be a "must" for Prince. If you tell me more about your "parallel downloads" issue perhaps I can help you to resolve it. I'll wait until you were able to resolve this FreeBSD issue until I upgrade Node-Prince for Prince 10 as I do not want to loose FreeBSD support.

Thanks for the Linux tarballs! This soon will help a lot, although the dynamic linking requires wrappers like Node-Prince to more precisely detect the Linux flavor and version in the future. But this is possible, no problem.
Thanks, we will investigate the FreeBSD issue and get back to you soon.
We now have Prince packages available for FreeBSD 10.1.
Phantastic! Many thanks for your efforts and support. Thanks!
Ok, Node-Prince now supports Prince 10. Once can use Prince now by just doing a "npm install [-g] prince" on any platform supported by Node/NPM and Prince (which usually is Windows, Mac OS X, Linux flavors, FreeBSD and Solaris). It provides both Prince CLI (for having prince(1) available without an interactive and privileged installation process) and Prince API (for use from within JavaScript).
Excellent! :D