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SVG white space handling

What I would really like to see in your final release of Prince V6 is support for the xml:space attribute!

Setting xml:space="preserve" should behave as follows (from the SVG spec, chapter 10.15 White space handling):

The SVG user agent will do the following using a copy of the original character data content. It will convert all newline and tab characters into space characters. Then, it will draw all space characters, including leading, trailing and multiple contiguous space characters. Thus, when drawn with xml:space="preserve", the string "a b" (three spaces between "a" and "b") will produce a larger separation between "a" and "b" than "a b" (one space between "a" and "b")

Alternatively, you could support a CSS style "white-space: pre", though that seems not to be part of the official specification. Maybe an idea for an extension that in addition starts a new line with every newline character ? :?

Thank You!

- - -

Hi Johann, we'll take a look at supporting xml:space in SVG content for Prince 6.0 :)
We have added support for xml:space in SVG to the latest alpha version of Prince 6.0.