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Corrupt HTML tags visible in PDF


I'm using prince 10r5 on debian with PHP to build PDFs based on generated HTML files. Everything is working fine, until my documents are getting longer. WIth complexer documents I'm getting corrupt renderings in my PDF with partial visible HTML tags "/div>" (see attached image). The HTML code is correct, example:

<div class="baustein">
  <span class="icon">w</span>
  <h4>Sie haben Bluthochdruck.</h4><div class="subheader"><span class="fachbegriff">Arterielle Hypertonie, entgleist</span>
</div><p>Bei Ihnen ist der Blutdruck in den Schlagadern 
 viel zu hoch. Die Schlagadern leiten das Blut vom Herzen in den Körper.
 kennt man die Ursache für den Bluthochdruck nicht.

The error appears at different places if I change the context of the document, e.g. rearrange items - quite weird.

I would be very happy if somebody could point me to a solution for this problem :-)

Beste regards

  1. Screenshot.png17.1 kB
    Screenshot of corrupt PDF
Could you try with the latest Prince build?

We recently fixed an issue affecting HTML documents containing carriage return characters which could result in some characters being stripped from the input, and I'm wondering if that's the issue you have encountered here.
Wonderful, it's working fine with the latest build. Thanks for your fast reply and this great piece of software!
Thank you for letting us know! It looks like we will need to release updated 10r6 packages to ensure everything is fine for people who wish to keep using Prince 10.
We have now released Prince 10 rev 6 which includes a fix for this issue, and we would strongly recommend all customers using Prince 10 to upgrade to ensure uninterrupted service.