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SVG reuse

We're in the process of upgrading OSes (to ubuntu 14.04) and PrinceXML is getting upgraded along for the ride. The problem is that our old version is "8.1 (SVG reuse, 2013-01-23)" -- apparently a custom fork / compilation that we got a while back with a critical feature we needed (see

But apparently this feature still isn't in the mainline in 10.1 Any word on why this was not merged in yet and potentially a timeline? Failing that, I'm wondering if whatever process generated that compiled version of the code (I'm not privy to the details) can be repeated today on 10.1

We could try to continue using the existing version we have that works on ubuntu 14.04, but that creates its own set of problems:
Here are some updated Prince 9.0 rev 5 packages for Ubuntu 14.04 which include SVG reuse:


They are available in DEB and tar.gz format for your convenience. :)

We have not merged the SVG reuse feature into Prince 10 yet, but it is still on the roadmap.
Thanks a bunch. Just installed it on a test VM and it behaves as expected :)
Support for SVG reuse is now available in latest builds! :D