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"Position: fixed" does not repeat on every page as it should

Coming from from this other thread, where I apparently discovered what I would dub a major bug in Prince 11.

W3C wrote:
An element with position:fixed is fixed with respect to the viewport. It stays where it is, even if the document is scrolled. For media="print" a fixed element will be repeated on each printed page.

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I'm attaching here the same simple testcase. FIreFox printing preview renders position:fixed OK (on every page), Prince puts it on page 1 only.
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Currently we don't repeat fixed content and recommend use of page margin boxes for running headers and footers.
Mike, thanks for the reply but I don't "need" this myself, it's merely something I bumped on when I wondered why nobody else had mentioned the obvious answer for repeated content and decided to check Prince vs browser printing.

Why not follow the w3c recommendation? 'Rendering hell' is bad enough as it is now to keep track of yet another different implementation just for the sake of it...
It's an awkward feature and we've had other priorities; some of the features added to CSS back in the '90s weren't really designed very well with printing in mind.
Of course you've had, please don't get me wrong -- I simply need to know where every 'printing' solution stands in terms of compliance with standards and intended rendering so I can minimize going through hoops and loops (i.e. undesired tweaking) just to get existing documents to print as they should.

Just out of curiosity, is there any chance this will be implemented? The W3C refers to this as 'trivial' within dealing with content positioned as 'absolute', by which I would take they mean 'easy to implement'... by agent coders ;)
For people looking for ways to repeat elements on every page, here's a guide with examples: