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SVG style element

Knowing that you have an excellent CSS parser, support for the SVG style element should not be a big problem :)

All circles in the following SVG should look the same:

<svg width="12cm" height="4cm" viewBox="0 0 1200 400" xmlns="">
	<style type="text/css">
		.myredcircle { fill:red; stroke:blue; stroke-width:10; }
  <rect x="1" y="1" width="1198" height="398" fill="none" stroke="blue" stroke-width="2"/>
  <circle cx="200" cy="200" r="100" style="fill:red; stroke:blue; stroke-width:10;"/>
  <circle cx="500" cy="200" r="100" fill="red" stroke="blue" stroke-width="10"  />
  <circle cx="800" cy="200" r="100" class="myredcircle"  />

- - -

Hi Johann,

We will certainly add support for the SVG <style> element in the future, however first we will need to make some architectural changes to Prince, as currently we only expect to find CSS in an external style sheet or in HTML.

Best regards,