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Count page break per instance


I'm using caption page by an example of mikeday like this:
<caption style="prince-caption-page: first">Table 1</caption>
<caption style="prince-caption-page: following">Table 1 (cont.)</caption>

This works just fine. It is just that I like to number the following captions. Is this possible?
For example, page x will show:
Table 1

Page x+1 will show:
Table 1-2

Page x+2 will show:
Table 1-3

Also when a new large table needs to be included:
For example, page y will show:
Table 2

Page y+1 will show:
Table 2-2

Page y+2 will show:
Table 2-3

So a new counter should start or the first reset.

I'm already happy with the first case, the second one is optional. But I like to know in case it occurs.

I think this will be rather difficult, as currently counters cannot detect caption repetition. :(
Hey Mike,

No problem.

Thank you for the quick reply!

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