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Content fit in html column height but does not in Pdf output

Hi there,

we are trying to automatically build multi column text page but got stucked with wysiwyg issues when converting to Pdf.
In the Pdf version text does not fit the column and overflows to next page, whereas it perfectly fits in the html version.
Same results with both Chrome and Safari
Could it be somehow due to conversion issues of the column height property?
See attached examples.

Any help much appreciated

  1. column.html1.2 kB
  2. column.pdf24.7 kB
You must ensure that you are using exactly the same font, or the line heights will be different. However, even with the same font there can still be small differences in the width that can end up pushing a word to the next line, so you cannot rely on an exact layout between different user agents unless you position each word exactly where you would like it to appear.