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shape-outside and friends, for wrapping around arbitrary image shapes

Sorry if this has already been covered anywhere, but for me personally being able to wrap text around unusually-shaped images would be a killer feature. I make documents where vignette images are scattered around the page, like in a magazine, and the text is justified a certain distance from the edge of the image.

Here's an example:

2018-03-21 11_51_54-Setting America Land of - Typora.png

As I understand it, this can be done with CSS using "shape-outside" and other modifying CSS features, which I found aren't supported in Prince.

I'd suggest this feature, but I understand that not a lot of people use it, and it seems like it might be a lot of work.
  1. 2018-03-21 11_51_54-Setting America Land of - Typora.png1.1 MB
That would be very nice! At the moment it would probably require chopping the image in half and splitting it into one float per line, which would be a lot of work. Hopefully one day we can make this easier.
This image is probably a bad example since it is wrapped on both sides, but more importantly, the ability to do that close image wrapping of non-rectangular shapes is the thing that I'd really want. I can choose to move an image to one side or have it at the edge of a column, but without the shape-outside css property I can't wrap it the way I'd really like.
This is cool CSS bit, and one it would be nice to have some day.
A basic version of this functionality has wide-spread browser support now:

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