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Creating responsive documents sometimes need the CSS calc to get an easy and nice layout. However, sometime, we would like to convert them to PDF.
Please support the CSS calc in a future version.
Yes, calc would be nice. It is currently on our roadmap.
Yes, please!! it would be much appreciated.
I just came here to request the same thing. Please can this be added?
We are working on calc() now! :D

We will release it later this year.
We have now released a latest build that supports calc() for the width and height properties and we will support it on other properties soon!
Excellent news! Thank you!
Hi !
I'm about to start a new project for which calc() expressions would be a great help (for adjusting images –sizes and margins– to the grid).
Checking the Roadmap i see that calc() is supported for width and height properties since 2020-07-06...
AND also for margins and paddings since 2020-07-09 !! Fantastic.
But, as the latest build for Mac is named 20020706, i'm guessing it doesn't support calc() on margins-paddings yet.
Question is: Are you planning to release a new build that would include that in the near future?
If so, i think i would rather wait for it and start the project with calc() from scratch, refactoring the CSS.

Thank you!!!!
We will release updated builds with more calc() support, yes.
Today we have an updated latest build of Prince that extends calc() support to margins, padding, position offsets, background and border properties, color values, and vertical alignment.
Really great news.
Thank you!
We have a new latest build that adds calc() support for the letter/word-spacing properties, the font-size, font-weight, and line-height properties, column properties, box/text-shadow properties, and support for angle units in the hsl(), hsla(), and linear-gradient() functions.