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Are the default styles prince is applying documented anywhere?


When exporting definition (or description) lists there seems to be a lot of space between each `dt`. I'd like to override this style, but not 100% sure what rules Prince is applying, and I don't seem to be able to find them anywhere in the forums or in the User Guide.

These can be found in the default html.css, eg. /usr/lib/prince/style/html.css on Linux or Prince\Engine\style\html.css on Windows.
Thanks so much mikeday!
Mike, there doesn't seem to be anything there for @page stuff. I presume there's some internal user agent stylesheet for all that?

The initial values for CSS properties are defined internally; for the initial @page style they are:

margin: 54pt
prince-bleed: auto /* 6pt if marks present */
prince-trim: auto /* 57pt 48pt if marks present */
marks: none
mark-length: 24pt
mark-width: 0.1pt
mark-offset: auto /* equal to bleed */
size: Letter
prince-pdf-page-colorspace: auto
prince-pdf-page-label: auto
prince-rotate-body: 0deg
prince-shrink-to-fit: none