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getting started -- from the docs - Where exactly do I run the prince command to generate a pdf?

Hello, I'm a total noob to using Prince. I'm going through the documentation here after installing prince in this path [/usr/local]: /opt/prince on my mac.

Here is the directory structure:

My question is, where do I run the prince command to generate the pdf from the sample lab_report.html file I downloaded from the lesson? When I try to run:
prince lab_report.html

from the prince root directory (above structure) I get:
-bash: prince: command not found

Also, I looked in the bin folder and saw the prince executable file (attachment1). I'm normally a Windows user so I double-clicked the prince icon and it exited the program, and I'm not sure how to restart it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

while my query is still under moderation, I've found my answer. I looked through the files in the unzipped tar.gz file I downloaded and found a file which gives clearer instruction for Mac than the doc page linked above.
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Prince is still acts very much like a command-line tool and improving the Mac experience has been on our roadmap for some time, hopefully we can get around to it! :D
@mikeday, thanks! I have no problem with using the cmd-line -- but the documentation for Mac users fell short compared to the Windows instructions on that page.

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