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Empty Checkbox showing as "?"

Our empty checkboxes are showing as "?"

Our HTML looks like this: <span style=\"font-size: 16pt;\">&#9744;</span>

When working locally Prince generates the PDF with the empty checkboxes just fine.

But on our production server we get the following error:

warning: no font for Miscellaneous Symbols character U+2610, fallback to '?'

Both on production and locally we are using the Arial font.

What am I missing here?? Why is it working locally but not on production?? Is it possibly an outdated Arial Font that's being used on our ubuntu box?
Yes, the commonly distributed version of Arial does not include a glyph for this character.

If you are using Prince 13 then installing the DejaVu Sans font should fix the problem.

We are on 12 (12.5 specifically and our license is for 12), should the same solution apply?
Never mind we're all set here! Thank you!