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How to verify the profile being used.

How to verify which profile is available for a given prince version. We have Prince v12.5 currently being used.

According to this page, it does mention how to enable/set a profile. It does not say how to verify a profile.

As stated in the documentation, I get the same below error message for our Prince version for all the mentioned profiles in this documentation page.,

$ prince foo.html --encrypt --no-embed-fonts --pdf-profile="PDF/A-1b"
prince: error: PDF/A-1b does not support encryption
prince: error: PDF/A-1b requires fonts to be embedded

What am I missing here?

As the error messages suggest, you cannot use encryption with the PDF/A-1b profile and you must embed fonts, the PDF profile requires it.

(Since PDF/A is for archiving, the expectation is that the PDF will contain all of the necessary information required to process it without external dependencies, including fonts).
So does that mean that Prince v12.5 would support every profile documented in this link, since I get the same error message for any of the profile I try to use?

So if I don't use encryption and enable the fonts these profiles should be applied for my out put?

Am trying to use some Artifact tags in my PDF for ADA support.

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Different profiles have different requirements, for example PDF/UA-1 supports encryption but has other restrictions, but all of the PDF profiles currently supported by Prince do require embedded fonts. Check the output log for any errors or warnings related to profile requirements.