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Information about new latest releases


Is there a place where new latest builds are announced and documented what changed in the latest builds?

I always look at if there are any new latest releases.
But when I look there, I don't know whats new in this latest build.

Besides that, do you have any informations on when the latest build will be released in production or will it announced when its productioon ready?

For example: I really like to use the registerPostLayoutFunc in production, because I heard about it in the forum.
But I don't really know when to expect this feature to be ready and I only know about this feature because I stumbled upon it in the forums.

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From the page you linked:

The new features included in the latest builds since the last numbered release are listed at the top of the Development Roadmap (marked as Done).

Mostly a new "latest" build is announced in the forum threads that discuss bugs fixed in that build.