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Float options bottom-left/bottom-right for child elements

I’d love to have additional floating options for all child elements:
float: bottom-left/bottom-right;

'bottom' means: the childs bottom line is in line with it’s parent’s bottom line and the child element grows from bottom to top.

Use case:
On a chapter start page, there is a box with text at the bottom of the page (position: absolute; bottom: 0;). Inside this text box, a icon should be placed at the bottom-right and text should wrap around the icon.
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You can float elements to the bottom of the page or column:

However, it's not possible to have other content beside the floats, like you show in your use case.

I agree that this would be nice to have. Perhaps one could write:

img { 
  float: bottom outside;
  float-defer-column: outside;

Here's a draft specification for this:

Is your image recurring, or only shown once?

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The image is only shown once.

Your draft specification looks promising! I’d like to see `float-defer-line` either to shift a floated image (or text block) from the top three lines down, or from bottom three lines up.

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The specification states:
A negative integer indicates that the page float is deferred by the specified number of lines counting from the bottom of the column

This is what you want, right?