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Prince 14.2

Today we have released Prince 14.2, a maintenance release with some fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed an issue with table cell vertical alignment affecting KaTeX
  • Fixed an issue affecting OpenType positioning for some fonts
  • Added support for Arabic mark reordering
  • Removed the unnecessary warning for the font-display property
  • Added a warning for inconsistent fonts
Thank you to everyone who has tried Prince 14! :D
I have just downloaded Prince 14.2 and it does not fix a regression that we have seen with Arabic characters between Prince 13.5 and Prince 14. The attached JPGs show the proper display from Prince 13.5 and the incorrect single character display from Prince 14.2. These files were generated from the same HTML and CSS files. I am seeing the same incorrect output in Prince 14 and Prince 14.1, so something that was working in Prince 13.5 remains in an altered state in all of these subsequent versions. For now, we are running all of our articles that require Arabic through Prince 13.5, but do not want to continue to support this for much longer, so we really need the latest version to include the proper display for Arabic.
  1. ttmc.00068.dil - p13.5.jpg52.4 kB
    Prince 13.5 - correct
  2. ttmc.00068.dil - p14.2.jpg63.1 kB
    Prince 14.2 - incorrect

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That doesn't look right at all, would you be able to email me ( a sample document that demonstrates the problem and which fonts you are using?
Of course. Will do so right now. Thanks for your help!
The issue appears to be caused by changes to the font-variant property in Prince 14 such that the prince-opentype() value disables Arabic and Indic shaping. It's possible to avoid this by using the newly introduced font-variant subproperties like font-variant-numeric instead of prince-opentype(), but given that it's an unexpected breaking change we will take another look at it.
We have fixed this issue in the latest build and will include this fix in Prince 14.3.
Due to an unfortunate oversight on my part the fix was not included in Prince 14.3, but it is still in latest builds and will be available in Prince 15.