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PDF Forms

The latest build of Prince now supports PDF Forms!

You can generate the form from the attached HTML like this:
prince --pdf-forms simple-form.html

This creates a form that can be filled in with Acrobat or other PDF viewers and saved or printed. You may also wish to specify --pdf-profile=PDF/UA-1 for accessibility.

Most HTML form controls are supported and it is also possible to include submit and reset buttons, although not every PDF viewer supports these yet.

The new --pdf-forms option is a shorthand for applying "prince-pdf-form: enable" to all of the form elements; this new CSS property allows individual form elements to be selectively enabled or disabled. We may enable PDF Forms by default in Prince 15.

Please try the latest build and let us know how you go! :D
  1. form.png34.5 kB
  2. simple-form.html1.9 kB
  3. simple-form.pdf49.3 kB
That's wonderful! Do you have an ETA for the next official release including this feature?
The latest builds are official, the numbered releases are primarily to ensure backwards compatibility.
Thanks Mike!

So, would you recommend a "latest build" in production? Not being backwards compatible means that a feature introduced in a "latest build" might break/behave differently in a future release, is that right?
We try to avoid this, but new features can shift in response to early feedback, yes. There is a bit of a chicken and egg issue if nobody uses it until it's frozen and we can't freeze it until people use it. :D
We know that issue very well :-)