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Using Google chart


I would like to use Google Chart libraries on my PDFs.

But when i execute it, my div still empty and it doesn't render the chart, does anyone know the solution of this problem? is there any function to add to script to render with delay? (because i tried many solutions even setTimeout but it doesn't work).

Google Chart is it supported by Prince or not yet?

It might require features we haven't implemented in Prince yet, have you enabled JavaScript? Are there any errors or warnings in the Prince output log?
i had enabled javascript and i even used an old release of Google Chart because the last one has some errors but i still have anything in my PDF and there is no Error on command line. I need to know if there any function to delay rendering chart or something like that, i tried it with docraptor and it worked (and we know that Docraptor use Prince to generate PDF)
Would you be able to email me ( or link to a simple example document?
Hi Mike & hbouazza,
Did you ever get this working?