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Long tables overflow on top next element on the next page


I've been trying to find solution to the problem that should be quite common case.

I have attached html and pdf of the results. I have used docraptor to generate pdf, but should not have anything that would change how this simple page would look.

So the problem is that tables that fit the the same page works well. They reserve the space they need and next element will start with correct margins and paddings. However when the table flows to the next page, this is not the case. I have attached example document showing that with same content, the first page works correctly, but one next page it does not work correctly.

What could cause this effect?

I have read all the information available, but has not found any hints about this issue. I hope this is something really simple, but I would really appreciate any help or your thoughts about the case.

For me this is show stopper to use prince xml if long tables does not reserve the space they should

Correct behaviour on the first page:

Incorrect overflowing behaviour the second page:

And when generating pdf of dynamic content, it is not possible to add static 50px margin. I have verified the overflow is not static height, but rather linked to the height of the full table. Wrapped texts also affect it. But everything works always if tables fits to the same page.

  1. correct.jpg111.2 kB
  2. example.html32.2 kB
  3. example.pdf41.4 kB
    pdf result
  4. overflow.jpg141.2 kB

This issue has been addressed in the latest builds.


Thanks for short reply. I used the attached example.html and converted it with latest princexml 14.2 windows version and problem still persists. I have attached converted pdf and here is screenshot of the problem:


  1. example_prince_14_2.pdf46.6 kB
  2. prince_14_2.jpg133.7 kB

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The latest build is newer than Prince 14.2.
Thanks again.
Verified: It works with latest build.

So all good and big thanks for your efforts.