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Possible bug: Nested elements not visible in rendered PDFs

When exporting a DataTable with 2 levels of grouping enabled to PDF the 2nd tier group rows are not visible. This impacts the PDF export experience for our customers.

- source HTML file,
- PNG of incorrect Prince-rendering
- PNG of web-browser rendering showing the nested elements properly
  1. broken-export-no-js-rendered-html.png85.9 kB
    PNG of the rendered HTML with elements
  2. broken-export-no-js-rendered-pdf.png67.4 kB
    PNG of the rendered PDF without elements
  3. broken-export-simplified-no-js.html1.4 MB
    suspected-to-be-broken HTML file

The problem is the following declaration (on line 25933): .ag-ltr
  span[class*="ag-row-group-indent-"]:not(.ag-row-group-indent-0) {


  content: "";



Prince is replacing the contents of the selected elements with the empty string. You can avoid this problem by removing that line or overriding it with, e.g.: .ag-ltr
  span[class*="ag-row-group-indent-"]:not(.ag-row-group-indent-0) {
    content: normal !important;