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Last page text being cut in half horizontally, only top half of text letters showing
The last page of a pdf we are rendering has the text being cut in half horizontally. Only the top half of the text letters are showing, as if something were overlaying the letters. This does not happen when viewing the html in a browser.

I have uploaded all of the files used to create it, as well as the output pdf.

Please let me know what could be causing this issue.

We are running Prince 14.2.

  1. Construction_Review.html15.3 kB
  2. Construction_Review.pdf44.1 kB
  3. account_logo_2-3.png9.5 kB
  4. assets-sprite@4x.png3.8 kB
  5. logo@4x.png4.1 kB
  6. pdf.css46.3 kB

I can get this to display as intended by adding a clearfix to the <dl> element under item-details.

The problem seems to be that, since the children of the <dl> are floats, the element gets no height and the children (the <dt>s and <dd>s) overflow. Since these are overflowing their parent they don't affect the clearfix on the ancestor further up, and since this element has overflow hidden they eventually disappear.

I'm not sure if this is a Prince bug; I will need to investigate further. Hope this helps!

That works. Thanks Mark!