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certificate-based PDF encryption


It seems that Prince doesn't have support for certificate-based PDF encryption, am I right ?
Is this a feature you plan to implement in next releases ?
I'm working for a french association which the goal is to build a web-based digital book library for blind and visual impaired people. and we definitively need to protect our PDF with a strong security mechanism (it's a request of the publishers).
Symetric password-based encryption is not sufficient because the password can be transmitted to anyone.
So we rely on an USB token that contains the certificate but above all the private key that allows the decryption.

So can you tell me if theis feature is about to be implemented ?
And if not, do you know a software on the market (not too expensive :)) that allows to do that ?
The main constraints are that the software has to run under Linux in command-line mode in order to implement "on demand" and "on the fly" encryption according tu readers requests ?

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Prince does not currently support certificate-based PDF encryption, and we are not planning to add support for it in the near future. There may be external tools available to do this, for example see or other PDF websites. By the way, is PDF really the best delivery format for visually impaired people?
Unfortunately, I'm not the one who decides in the project.
I do think PDF is not the more appropriate way to provide digital contents do visual impaired people, but in another hand, PDF provides security mechanisms that other file formats do not. The only other alternative was to develop a specific client application to connect to the online book server, but it was not posible due to the lack of time and financial support.

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