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Defer-page property causing named page conflict


I'm having trouble with the interaction between the float-defer-page property and named pages.

In the attached example, I have a table, an image, and some text. Using a named page, I have asserted that the table should fall on a landscape page. All other elements should fall on portrait pages.

I want the table to appear on page 2 without cutting off the flow of the text. As such, I have placed it at the beginning of the HTML and used "float-defer-page: 1;" to move it to the correct location.

In most cases, this works well for me. However, I have found a problematic edge case that does not behave as I expect. If the image is placed on page 1 but gets floated to page 2 (i.e., the same page the table is being deferred to), it also ends up on a landscape page. This is true even if I explicitly assert that the image should be on a portrait page (using another named page). See the attached example.

I would have expected that, since the table requires that page 2 be landscape, and since the image is styled for portrait pages, the image would have simply shifted to the next available portrait page (creating a page 3). I do not want the image on a landscape page.

Is someone able to help me understand (1) why this is occurring and (2) how I could achieve my desired behavior?
  1. defer-issue.html5.3 kB
  2. defer-issue.pdf157.0 kB
I'm not able to replicate the issue when using the latest build. I've tested with the attached files. Could you try the latest builds? If the problem persists, could you post a single-file test? (i.e., with no external resources)
  1. defer-issue.html7.0 kB
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Thank you for the response! The problem is not resolved for me in the latest build. Here is a single-file test with the same issue.
  1. defer-issue-3.html6.1 kB
  2. defer-issue-3.pdf43.5 kB
Thanks for sending a new test. I get the same result as you. Will need to investigate.