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warning: A libcurl function was given a bad argument


I'm using FreeBSD 13.1 and princexml 14.3 and it looks like after upgrading curl from 7.83.1 to 7.84.0 I started to see this error message for random image files from the source HTML. I'm just launching prince by hands with the same source HTML and from time to time I'm getting this warning and I see that image isn't in the output PDF. And next launch is everything OK again, no warnings and all images are in the output PDF. So I can't find what's the reason. I'm not sure, but it looks like adding --no-parallel-downloads fixes it.

May be somebody knows what is it?

Thanks, I can reproduce it but I don't know what causes it yet.
This is due to a bug introduced in curl 7.84.0.
Can you downgrade to curl 7.83.1 until a fixed version of curl is released, and it is picked up by FreeBSD?
Thank you! I can confirm, I applied this patch

to curl and it fixed my situation.