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Prince License

I have successfully installed the latest version of Prince for Books, but it seems that the license I had (2015) is not working for the new installation.
I get this error message: /usr/lib/prince-books-2021/license/license.dat: warning: inapplicable license for this version

Please let me know how I could solve the issue.
I have sent you an updated license file now.
Hi Mike, I have a similar licensing question. We currently use Prince 12.4 and would like to upgrade to the latest (not numbered version) build to leverage PDF Forms support. Will the same license work for us, or do we need to request a new license? Also, when PDF Forms support makes it to Prince 15, we want to upgrade the latest build version to the official Prince 15. So, would we need a new license, or can we use the one from 12.4? BTW the PrinceXML is fantastic. Great work!
You will need to upgrade your license, the upgrade will work with latest builds and Prince 15 when it is released.