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A font subset of more than 255 characters results in invalid PDF

We noticed that some documents containing Chinese characters wouldn't open in Acrobat Reader and several other PDF readers, showing squares or empty space (Chrome didn't have an issue opening the pdfs however)

Upon investigation, this problem seems to be triggered when a large amount of characters need to be subset from a font (which explains why this was discovered in documents with Chinese text first)

The problem occurs in latest builds, but not in 14.2 or 14.3

Attached is a sample html file that reproduces the problem and output from prince 14.2 and build 20220715.

nhofsted@ID-PC19002:~/tmp/pdf/rep$ ../prince-20220715-linux-generic-x86_64/lib/prince/bin/prince --version
Prince 20220715
Copyright 2002-2022 YesLogic Pty. Ltd.
Non-commercial License

nhofsted@ID-PC19002:~/tmp/pdf/rep$ ../prince-20220715-linux-generic-x86_64/lib/prince/bin/prince reproduce.html -o reproduce-20220715.pdf

nhofsted@ID-PC19002:~/tmp/pdf/rep$ prince --version
Prince 14.2
Copyright 2002-2021 YesLogic Pty. Ltd.
Non-commercial License

nhofsted@ID-PC19002:~/tmp/pdf/rep$ prince reproduce.html -o reproduce-14.2.pdf
  1. render.png142.1 kB
    visual comparision of pdf output
  2. reproduce-14.2.pdf96.2 kB
    prince 14.2 result
  3. reproduce-20220715.pdf96.7 kB
    prince build 20220715 result
  4. reproduce.html1.1 kB
    reproduce case

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Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
We have fixed this issue in the latest build, thanks again for letting us know!