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Converting document using PDF/A-1a profile seems to hang forever

We noticed when trying to convert a large html document using the command line option --pdf-profile=PDF/A-1a it seemed at first it was hanging indefinitely but was in fact just very slow.

Without the pdf profile option the document gets generated reasonably fast.

sjanssen@mac-sjanssen:~|⇒  prince2/bin/prince --version
Prince 20220413
Copyright 2002-2022 YesLogic Pty. Ltd.
Non-commercial License

prince2/bin/prince --javascript --verbose --structured-log=progress --pdf-profile=PDF/A-1a --user-agent=\"XRE\" --fail-safe  reproduce.html -o out.pdf

While experimenting with the document size we noticed the duration would almost exponentially go up the more table rows we include in the document.

  1. reproduce.html.zip1.6 MB

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Thanks we will look into this.
We have fixed this issue in the latest builds, thanks again for letting us know! :D