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FlashPaper Output

I don't personally use FlashPaper, but it's becoming more popular. It might be a good option to have in the future?
FlashPaper looks interesting, although I think we would need to see more demand for it before considering adding it as a new backend to Prince.

(It seems that a PDF produced by Prince could always be converted to a FlashPaper file using Macromedia's print driver, so there is already an option for people who want to go from XML/CSS -> FlashPaper).
This isn't precisely what you're looking for, but it'll work (I've been
doing similar for years now).

Build a navigation template in flash (pg number, forward/back,
header/footer etc.)

Pipe your prince output through pdf2swf and swfcombine (both and GPL) and there ya go.

disclaimer: I use swfcombine extensively with SWF: for Ming. I'd
expect pdf2swf to be on par with swfcombine.


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