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Reuse SVG without increasing filesize?

Is it possible to reuse a single SVG file without increasing the file size? So far, the disappointing answer seems to be no.

It is currently possible to use an SVG file as a background image via CSS, but for each occurrence, it adds to the file size. It can quickly introduce an enormous overhead to a PDF with very many pages.

Hopefully there is a solution to this that I'm just not aware of.
Not yet, I'll add this to the roadmap for a future release.
Any update on this? The last post was from 2008. We are looking to purchase this product, but we require this feature.

We will take a look at this. Recently we have made several improvements to background handling and SVG, so it may be possible to arrange.
Is there any news on this? For JPGs, repeated usage works fine, but svg-graphics increase file size.
I attached a test doc svgTest.html‎ - if you comment out bottom-right (the svg), filesize will shrink by 90% despite the svg being smaller then the jpg in bottom-left corner that seems to be repeated without affecting the filesize.

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We haven't done this yet. It's still on the roadmap, but we have some other feature to implement first, such as SVG filters.
Support for SVG reuse is now available in latest builds! :D